Throughout the ages women have looked to other women for support while giving birth. This is a basic need, and does not reflect on her relationship with her partner in any way. I do not replace the partner, instead I strengthen his role so that he can be that strong presence, free to just love and encourage the laboring woman.

Birth doulas (also called childbirth assistants, birth assistants, labor support professionals) provide emotional, physical and informative support during pregnancy, birth, and immediate post partum. They provide support in the hospital, at home, or at a birthing center–wherever women give birth.

During labor I offer help and suggestions with comfort measures such as breathing and relaxation, hydrotherapy and massage, use of the birth ball, movement  and labor positions. My most important role is to provide continuous nurturing support and calm reasurance. I will help maintain an environment that welcomes birth. I am commited to supporting whatever choices you make for the birth of your baby, and help to provide clear and open communication with your medical team.


Services include:
• Free initial consultation
• One prenatal visit
• One post partum visit
• Help in developing a birth plan
• Breast feeding support
• References to community services