The internet is a great way to get information and resources about prenatal care, birth, breastfeeding, tests, labs etc... We are regularly on the web on the lookout for great sites that will help to inform you. Check these out!

Country Life Links

Lexi's Video -

Birthing Resource

Gentle Birth Online -
Bradley Method -
Penny Simkin, PT -
Safety of Homebirth -
More About Homebirth -
Posterior Labor -
Prevent Posterior Labor -


Breastfeeding Resource Site -
La Leche League -

Medical Information

Prone Inmmunization Decision Resources -
Group B Strep -
Epidurals -
VBAC Resources -
International Cesarian Awareness & VBAC -
International Childbirth Education Association ICEA -
Water Birth Online -
Sacroiliac Resources -

Products and Services

Motherwear Catalog -
Babies Online -
Cutting Edge Press -
Birth Balls -
Perineum/Pelvic Floor Exerciser -

Recommended Books

Gentle Birth Choices by Barbara Harper, RN
Heart & Hands by Elizabeth Davis
Special Delivery by Rahma Baldwin
Womanly Art of Breastfeeding - La Leche League

Recommended Videos

Gentle Birth Choices by Barbara Harper, RN

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