Each pregnancy is special. If this is your first or even your tenth pregnancy this baby deserves a healthy beginning. You are not sick, you are "just" pregnant. This can be a new start for both of you.

We are committed to providing you the best care within our knowledge. We believe you have chosen a home-birth because you want to do all that you possibly can to have a healthy baby. A commitment to following these eight simple suggestions (just eight!!) will help you to get a new start, which is an an acronym for:

• Nutritious food - should be eaten at regular intervals in a relaxed atmosphere. A large variety of whole grains, lots of fruit and vegetables, and good sources of protein.
• Exercise - on a regular basis at whatever you enjoy most, as long as it is not harmful to you or the baby. Walking outside, from 1 to 3 miles a day, is the best form of exercise for expectant mothers.
• Water - inside and outside!  Drink 2 quarts of pure water (four 16 oz. glasses) between meals. Drinking water with your meal dilutes the enzymes necessary for digestion and slows the process. This also may be one cause for indigestion. Warm baths or showers daily, to cleanse the skin (which is an elimination organ) help rid the body of unwanted poisons and waste products.
• Sunshine - on the skin as often as necessary to increase the formation of Vitamin D. It has been shown that morning sunshine especially between the hours of 10:00 am and 12:00 pm regulates the hormones and strengthens the reproductive organs.
• Temperance - is to eliminate all harmful foods, liquids, and debilitating habits including caffeine, lots of sugary sweet foods, and very late night meals. A moderate use of all good things.
• Air - breathe fresh air daily, day and night. Do not work in a smoke-filled room or around smokers. Even if you can't exercise outside due to weather conditions, go outside daily, breathe deeply and oxygenate all of your organs.
• Rest - obtain adequate rest physically and mentally. Take a nap during the day if necessary; an afternoon siesta will rejuvenate the whole system. Rest the mind from all stressful situations. Try to go to bed at regular hours.
• Trust - finally (but really first) trust God that the outcome will be just right. None of the above suggestions are as valuable to you without peace and trust in Divine Power. Don't allow the busy-ness of life to crowd out your meditation, prayer, and devotional needs.
Except for food, which you have to buy anyway, our plan for you is free, natural, and easy. Just do your best and God will take care of the rest. Of course we would like for you to call us anytime if there is any problem or if you need someone to talk to or pray with.