We will spend a lot of time together during prenatal and postpartum visits establishing a trusting relationship. We will become partners in a shared responsibility. You will accept the responsibility to do the best you can in terms of nutrition, exercise, elimination of stress (see A NEW START), taking necessary supplements, and discussing anything out of the ordinary with us. We accept the responsibility to guide you and offer suggestions when needed, to be attentive and alert to subtle signs of impending complications, and to answer your questions honestly and directly. We will be available to you at all times or will have a back-up midwife available should we need to be away for any reason. We provide personalized, high quality care in your home with the goal of a natural birth with minimal intervention. An interview, at no charge, will help you make an informed decision on whether Country Life Midwifery Services is the right fit for your family.

Prenatal Care

Care during pregnancy is provided once per month until the 28th week, then twice per month until the 36th week, and then once per week until delivery. About a month before the estimated date of delivery, a prenatal visit will take place at your home if you are a home-birth candidate. Visits last about a half an hour to an hour and are medically thorough. We include all usual prenatal procedures and some extra. We will explain what we are checking for and allow plenty of time for your questions and concerns. You will be required to obtain certain lab work. You will be informed about prenatal care and education resources in your area.

Birth Care

We will stay with the mother during her labor and birth. We will monitor the mother and baby for signs of abnormalities and will transport when necessary, if the labor and/or birth is taking place outside the hospital. Most clients request homebirth services but we also provide midwifery services in birth centers and hospitals to the extent allowed by those facilities. Usually the midwife in these circumstances will be providing labor support, consumer awareness, and perhaps management of the delivery. For clients delivering at home, the midwife will remain with the mother and baby for at least two hours after delivery.

Postpartum Care

The midwife or assistant will make home visits at 24-36 hours after delivery, the 3rd day a phone call or visit if necessary, I week after delivery and 2 weeks after delivery if necessary. Whenever the mother feels ready to resume pre-birth activities (usually 4-6 weeks after delivery) we will do one final postpartum visit in your home.  A well baby check with your pediatrician is recommended within the first three days.