Pregnancy is a wonderful and exciting time of great transformation in a woman’s life. It is a time when you are changing and maturing, not only your body, but also your heart and mind. It is a time to reassess how you are choosing to live your life and to make any necessary changes so that your baby can enter the best possible environment. 

We feel it is an honor to be present during this time of transformation, and we do not take our roles lightly. We are therefore pleased and grateful to you for the privilege of working with you.
We want to support you in having whatever birth experience you desire. We will all have to work together to provide you with that experience. We are very open to your giving birth in whatever position you wish and to any degree of father involvement. Our degree of involvement, as well as the setting, and other people at the birth, are yours to determine. On the other hand, we believe that our experience can be very valuable to you during your birth, and we expect you to respect our suggestions. We see our role as primarily to educate and advise, while maintaining a watchful eye that all is proceeding optimally.

We believe birth is a sacred event. We became midwives because of our love for babies and our desire to see them born in an environment that honors them. We also became midwives because of our love for mothers and our desire to see them give birth in a manner that affirms their dignity and power.

We feel privileged to be a part of this miraculous transformation in so many lives and we feel that God has called us to this work, and we seek to rely on His guidance and wisdom at all times.

We also pledge to do our very best for you, to be alert and attentive to all aspects of your well-being and to do our best to see that your child emerges into an atmosphere that is nurturing for the WHOLE FAMILY. 

We are grateful to you for the opportunity to serve in this way. Please call us. We look forward to talking to you and possibly helping you through your pregnancy. God bless you.